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Axes of Evil vs The Hollowpoints

Axes of Evil vs The Hollowpoints

500 pressed on color recorded at the GAF Church I St. in Bellingham by Rich Canut Mixed and Mastered by Doug Krebs at DIG recording in Portland OR

Razorcake Review
Both of these bands would have been perfect for early-‘90s Epitaph (especially pre-explosion Rancid), and I mean that in a good way, since there seems to be a dearth of non-parrot punk bands who hold older ideals nowadays. (Fashion’s fine, but fashion > heart + talent = nope.) Axes of Evil: Metal-tinged, full-throttle, mindful punk in the spirit of Today’s Empires…-era Propaghandi. Hollowpoints: Lead by a voice as ragged as a tattered flag, they’re a serious-politics, serious-partying punk. In a perfect world, these guys would be as big as Anti-Flag and have their patches on as many assflaps as the Casualties. Both these bands remind me of others who played in this general vein that never got their due, but I still regularly play, like Space Cookie and Mea Culpa.

–Todd Taylor (New Regard Media)

Black Eyes & Neckties

Black Eyes & Neckties

Black Eyes and Neckties Stiletto

“Punched a wall recently? Here’s what you should have been listening to at the time. Although nothing could hope to compare to Black Eyes and Neckties’ frenetic and bruising live show, Stiletto sure goes about it like they truly couldn’t care less. Sharp-edged guitars, propulsive drums, organ and voice are all they need to get inside your head and command you to move. With songs about zombies, werewolves, love, death and the intersections between, this is an album for when you want your anger tempered by humor and hooks. Buy the record and go see their show. You’ll be glad you did.”
– Bellingham Weekly, December 2004

Black Eyes and Neckties called it a day back in 2009 and former members can be caught playing in various projects such as Baltic Cousins, and Dog Shredder.

Check out the Black Eyes and Neckties site or the Clickpop records site for more info.

Axes of Evil

Axes of Evil

Since forming in 2002 the Axes have been spreading their brand of speed metal punk far and wide. Since the release of the debut album “Married To America” on New Regard Media in 2004 the band has completed four tours of the west and continue to work hard. A limited split 7″ with the Hollowpoints came out on New Regard Media in December of ’05 and recieved good reviews from Punk Planet, MRR, and Razorcake. Axes have shared the stage with Propagandhi, Real McKenzies, the Briefs, Toxic Narcotic, Bristle and many others in 150+ shows.
Visit their website at

USS Horsewhip

USS Horsewhip

One hundred and forty-three shows. Three microphones, two guitars, one bass, and one drumkit. One full-length (Wants You Dead, 2005), one EP (Vs. The Kids, 2003), and one compilation appearance (“People At This Laundromat Need To Mind Their Own Fucking Business” from Damage, Destruction, Terror, & Mayhem, 2004). Three tours. We’ve played shows with 400 BLOWS, ANDREW WK, CAUSTIC RESIN, EARLY MAN, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, FLESHIES, HARKONEN, PRIESTESS, THE SWORD, THREE INCHES OF BLOOD, TOYS THAT KILL, ZEKE. Members spread throughout Bellingham, Seattle, and Portland. Members of USS Horsewhip now play in Seattle bands Police Teeth, Black Breath, and Cold Lake.

Damage, Destruction, Terror, and Mayhem – Bellingham Compilation

Damage, Destruction, Terror, and Mayhem - Bellingham Compilation

This compilation consists of unreleased tracks from Bellingham bands. All songs were recorded at Lab Partner studio with the exception of tracks 1, 9 and 11. This was an extremely fun project to do for me and I got to meet a lot of great people and kids in the process. Record still available from label and here.

Here are all the tracks for your listening pleasure.


  1. USS Horsewhip – People at the laundramat need to mind their own fucking business Download
  2. Axes Of Evil – Due Time Download
  3. Full Frontal Assault – WarLike Download
  4. ’76 Charger – Don’t Like People Download
  5. Black Eyes and Neckties – Barnacles Download
  6. Wizards of Wor – Tears of the Ice Witch Download
  7. The Wastelanders – Curtains Download
  8. Future City Fear – Burleskimo Download
  9. International Businessmen – The Truth Download
  10. Final Hour – Awaiting The Final Hour Download
  11. Ash and the Widowmakers – Blood on the Axe Download
  12. Death For Profit – Libertarian Download
  13. The Mark – Tijuana Download
  14. V.K. – Sweet Complacense Download
  15. No Utopia – Path of Grievance Download

There’s still a few copies of this release available.

USS Horsewhip – Wants You Dead

USS Horsewhip - Wants You Dead

This record is definitely my favorite cd I released it has it all, great artwork, great songs, great recording. The reviewers even liked it as much as I did. This record is still available from the label, from iTunes and other digital sources and here. James and Richy blaze on in Seattle Post-Hardcore band Police Teeth be sure to check them out.


  1. Amish Rake Fight
  2. Bright Lights, Big Shitty
  3. Three Dog Nightmare
  4. 1-800 Puppies Download
  5. Cop Cars in the Lettered Streets
  6. Jeff Mitchell vs. Robocop
  7. Break Out the Make Out
  8. Variations on a Broken Nose

Modern and lyrically strong.” – Maximumrocknroll
“Intelligent sounding post-punk that falls somewhere between the Hot Snakes and 400 Blows…Pretty damn good.”
– Razorcake
“Good enough that even the mid-tempo songs hold your attention.”
– HeartAttaCk
“Impassioned and powerful…You can tell these guys put everything they have into this band, and they don’t give a shit about being a art of any scene or trying to make it big.”
– Punk Planet
“USS Horsewhip are the most qualified outfit to adopt Seattle’s striaght-up rock torch.”
– The Stranger.
“This band has elements of garage-punk, rock’n’roll and emo. The results are explosive and original.”
– Tablet
“Rises to the level of near-sexy while being generally pretty disheveled.”
– Shredding Paper

Black Eyes and Neckties – Stiletto

Black Eyes and Neckties - Stiletto

Debut record from these horror rockers who went on to release Apparition! on ClickPop Records. Stiletto is still available directly from label or here, or on iTunes and other digital music providers


  1. Back from the dead
  2. Walk like a zombie
  3. Lycanthropy wannabe Download
  4. Dirty hands
  5. Tonight, death soars
  6. Riding alone
  7. The Streets
  8. Love never dies
  9. Barnacles
  10. Dia
  11. Red Lipstick
  12. Train
  13. Sagrade familia

The dead have risen! Not, the Grateful Dead. Like the actual, once-alive dead. And they’re playing kick-ass 70’s garage punk to boot! This is loud, rude and scary. But in a good way, not in an Ashlee Simpson way. (SH)
Impact Press

Axes of Evil – Married To America

Axes of Evil - Married To America cd

The debut album from these metal punks brings you punk rock in the vein of Mystic Records RKL. Currently out of print, but still a couple copies here.

  1. Domestic Insecurity
  2. The Bombs Fall
  3. God’s Hand Killers
  4. Axe In Hand
  5. Better World
  6. State Street
  7. Reprisal Of Agony
  8. Discarded Dreams
  9. Married To America Download
  10. Eternal Idiots
  11. Breakdown

…chock full of ’80s metal guitar licks, break-neck speed and sing-alongs that make it top shelf. – Punk Planet

…punk rock onslaught. Fast street-punk kind of beat, but working class regular guy kind of style. It’s really good catchy shit! Check it out! (LD) – AMP

Full Frontal Assault – The Universal Struggle

Full Frontal Assault - The Universal Struggle

Here it is the first full length release on New Regard Media, Full Frontal Assault’s The Universal Struggle. When I was first exposed to this recording in the summer of 2003 it was on an unmarked tape cassette and I was floored when I listened to the outright fury the tape contained. Each song takes you on a journey that can go from blast beats to pianos and back again. From the calm cello opening to the heavy and epic Without a Fight this album delivers again and again. The production on the album unlike other metal albums has a very organic sound that adds depth and honesty to the emotions of the tracks. Enough from me though take it from a true metal connoisseur at Terrorizer Magazine.

From the melancholic intro “The Struggle Begins” to the first class epic “Without a Fight”, this release comes as an undisputed masterpiece of metal malice, complete with cello and brilliant artwork. The pure energy of tracks like “Years Diminishing” and “Guiding Light” are uplifting in themselves, whilst “SOS(Surrender Or Slaughter) offers a strange vibrato of latin-style riffs. With an excellent live cover of Slayer’s “Angel of Death”, these guys oughta be checked out.
9/10 WS – Terrorizer Magazine


  1. Intro (The Struggle Begins)
  2. Years Dimnishing
  3. Soul Igniter
  4. S.O.S. (Surrender or Slaughter)
  5. Guiding Light
  6. For All to Mourn
  7. Without a Fight

We’re out of this release but there’s still a couple at interpunk or there’s digital download.