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Damage, Destruction, Terror, and Mayhem – Bellingham Compilation

Damage, Destruction, Terror, and Mayhem - Bellingham Compilation

This compilation consists of unreleased tracks from Bellingham bands. All songs were recorded at Lab Partner studio with the exception of tracks 1, 9 and 11. This was an extremely fun project to do for me and I got to meet a lot of great people and kids in the process. Record still available from label and here.

Here are all the tracks for your listening pleasure.


  1. USS Horsewhip – People at the laundramat need to mind their own fucking business Download
  2. Axes Of Evil – Due Time Download
  3. Full Frontal Assault – WarLike Download
  4. ’76 Charger – Don’t Like People Download
  5. Black Eyes and Neckties – Barnacles Download
  6. Wizards of Wor – Tears of the Ice Witch Download
  7. The Wastelanders – Curtains Download
  8. Future City Fear – Burleskimo Download
  9. International Businessmen – The Truth Download
  10. Final Hour – Awaiting The Final Hour Download
  11. Ash and the Widowmakers – Blood on the Axe Download
  12. Death For Profit – Libertarian Download
  13. The Mark – Tijuana Download
  14. V.K. – Sweet Complacense Download
  15. No Utopia – Path of Grievance Download

There’s still a few copies of this release available.

Axes of Evil – Married To America

Axes of Evil - Married To America cd

The debut album from these metal punks brings you punk rock in the vein of Mystic Records RKL. Currently out of print, but still a couple copies here.

  1. Domestic Insecurity
  2. The Bombs Fall
  3. God’s Hand Killers
  4. Axe In Hand
  5. Better World
  6. State Street
  7. Reprisal Of Agony
  8. Discarded Dreams
  9. Married To America Download
  10. Eternal Idiots
  11. Breakdown

…chock full of ’80s metal guitar licks, break-neck speed and sing-alongs that make it top shelf. – Punk Planet

…punk rock onslaught. Fast street-punk kind of beat, but working class regular guy kind of style. It’s really good catchy shit! Check it out! (LD) – AMP