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Black Eyes & Neckties

Black Eyes & Neckties

Black Eyes and Neckties Stiletto

“Punched a wall recently? Here’s what you should have been listening to at the time. Although nothing could hope to compare to Black Eyes and Neckties’ frenetic and bruising live show, Stiletto sure goes about it like they truly couldn’t care less. Sharp-edged guitars, propulsive drums, organ and voice are all they need to get inside your head and command you to move. With songs about zombies, werewolves, love, death and the intersections between, this is an album for when you want your anger tempered by humor and hooks. Buy the record and go see their show. You’ll be glad you did.”
– Bellingham Weekly, December 2004

Black Eyes and Neckties called it a day back in 2009 and former members can be caught playing in various projects such as Baltic Cousins, and Dog Shredder.

Check out the Black Eyes and Neckties site or the Clickpop records site for more info.

Black Eyes and Neckties – Stiletto

Black Eyes and Neckties - Stiletto

Debut record from these horror rockers who went on to release Apparition! on ClickPop Records. Stiletto is still available directly from label or here, or on iTunes and other digital music providers


  1. Back from the dead
  2. Walk like a zombie
  3. Lycanthropy wannabe Download
  4. Dirty hands
  5. Tonight, death soars
  6. Riding alone
  7. The Streets
  8. Love never dies
  9. Barnacles
  10. Dia
  11. Red Lipstick
  12. Train
  13. Sagrade familia

The dead have risen! Not, the Grateful Dead. Like the actual, once-alive dead. And they’re playing kick-ass 70’s garage punk to boot! This is loud, rude and scary. But in a good way, not in an Ashlee Simpson way. (SH)
Impact Press