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USS Horsewhip – Wants You Dead

USS Horsewhip - Wants You Dead

This record is definitely my favorite cd I released it has it all, great artwork, great songs, great recording. The reviewers even liked it as much as I did. This record is still available from the label, from iTunes and other digital sources and here. James and Richy blaze on in Seattle Post-Hardcore band Police Teeth be sure to check them out.


  1. Amish Rake Fight
  2. Bright Lights, Big Shitty
  3. Three Dog Nightmare
  4. 1-800 Puppies Download
  5. Cop Cars in the Lettered Streets
  6. Jeff Mitchell vs. Robocop
  7. Break Out the Make Out
  8. Variations on a Broken Nose

Modern and lyrically strong.” – Maximumrocknroll
“Intelligent sounding post-punk that falls somewhere between the Hot Snakes and 400 Blows…Pretty damn good.”
– Razorcake
“Good enough that even the mid-tempo songs hold your attention.”
– HeartAttaCk
“Impassioned and powerful…You can tell these guys put everything they have into this band, and they don’t give a shit about being a art of any scene or trying to make it big.”
– Punk Planet
“USS Horsewhip are the most qualified outfit to adopt Seattle’s striaght-up rock torch.”
– The Stranger.
“This band has elements of garage-punk, rock’n’roll and emo. The results are explosive and original.”
– Tablet
“Rises to the level of near-sexy while being generally pretty disheveled.”
– Shredding Paper