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USS Horsewhip

USS Horsewhip

One hundred and forty-three shows. Three microphones, two guitars, one bass, and one drumkit. One full-length (Wants You Dead, 2005), one EP (Vs. The Kids, 2003), and one compilation appearance (“People At This Laundromat Need To Mind Their Own Fucking Business” from Damage, Destruction, Terror, & Mayhem, 2004). Three tours. We’ve played shows with 400 BLOWS, ANDREW WK, CAUSTIC RESIN, EARLY MAN, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, FLESHIES, HARKONEN, PRIESTESS, THE SWORD, THREE INCHES OF BLOOD, TOYS THAT KILL, ZEKE. Members spread throughout Bellingham, Seattle, and Portland. Members of USS Horsewhip now play in Seattle bands Police Teeth, Black Breath, and Cold Lake.

USS Horsewhip – Wants You Dead

USS Horsewhip - Wants You Dead

This record is definitely my favorite cd I released it has it all, great artwork, great songs, great recording. The reviewers even liked it as much as I did. This record is still available from the label, from iTunes and other digital sources and here. James and Richy blaze on in Seattle Post-Hardcore band Police Teeth be sure to check them out.


  1. Amish Rake Fight
  2. Bright Lights, Big Shitty
  3. Three Dog Nightmare
  4. 1-800 Puppies Download
  5. Cop Cars in the Lettered Streets
  6. Jeff Mitchell vs. Robocop
  7. Break Out the Make Out
  8. Variations on a Broken Nose

Modern and lyrically strong.” – Maximumrocknroll
“Intelligent sounding post-punk that falls somewhere between the Hot Snakes and 400 Blows…Pretty damn good.”
– Razorcake
“Good enough that even the mid-tempo songs hold your attention.”
– HeartAttaCk
“Impassioned and powerful…You can tell these guys put everything they have into this band, and they don’t give a shit about being a art of any scene or trying to make it big.”
– Punk Planet
“USS Horsewhip are the most qualified outfit to adopt Seattle’s striaght-up rock torch.”
– The Stranger.
“This band has elements of garage-punk, rock’n’roll and emo. The results are explosive and original.”
– Tablet
“Rises to the level of near-sexy while being generally pretty disheveled.”
– Shredding Paper